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Facebook Friends. . .Join our group!

Posted by pamspantry on March 5, 2009

So, at the urging of a close friend, I finally set up a page on facebook. I was feeling pretty challenged with this, I think I am feeling my age with all these new tech gadgets and things.

In any case, I finally got my info listed and was even braver, we started a group. . .Pam’s Pantry Dip Lovers! I’m really having quite a bit of fun with this and have connected with lots of old friends. I’m moving right along with this new fangled thing now(at least new for me), and I am not even friendless, I actually have some friends out there! WOW!

I’d like to invite any of you on facebook to join our group. Simply browse on Pam’s Pantry Dip Lovers and we should pop up! Once you’ve joined us, please invite all your friends to join, we’re going to see how many people we can get!


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